Coffee Mug SWAP!



Because I love coffee. And coffee mugs. And fun exchanges. And getting real, honest to goodness mail….. I decided it would be plain ole fun to host a coffee mug swap. Doesn’t that sound fun? Yes! Ok let’s do it!

Here is what you need to do:

~ Send an email with the title “MUG SWAP” to

~ Include the following information:

* Your name

* Your mailing address

* Your blog address AND/OR a few things about yourself that will help your match get to know you (style, favorites, hobbies, etc)




1) SHARE this Mug Swap! The more participants we have the more fun this will be!

2) On or before November 5th you will receive and email from me with all the information about the person you are to buy for.  If you have not received an email from me by November 5th (and you have checked your spam folders) shoot me an email.

3) Thoughtfully choose a mug based on the information you received about the receiver.

4) Mail your mug by November 15th!

5) Excitedly wait to receive your own mug in the mail! When you get your mug be sure to share with us on Instagram and/or twitter by using the hashtag #mugswag2013

*****PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE only sign up if you are committing to send a mug. We want everyone who signs up to give and receive one. Thank you********


Other information:

~ How much should I spend? I would suggest anywhere between $0 and $20. Do NOT feel like you have to spend a ton of money to join in! Target, Etsy, Goodwill….the sky is the limit! Thoughtfulness is much more important than cost!!!

~ Will I be receiving a mug from the same person I am sending one? Nope. Isn’t this fun!? You will not know who you receive a mug from until it arrives.

~ Can I include anything in my package besides a mug? Yes, if you’d like…but keep it simple. A few tea bags, a small stationary set…you get the idea. Also, if you’d like you can include your blog address or a little about yourself.

~ What do I do if I sent a mug and never received one? Please email me at

~Other questions? Email me at

OK, that’s it! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mugswag2013 when sharing about the swap! HAVE FUN!!!


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