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An update:

The first batch of Emigration Permits (EP) were submitted on March 5th (my anniversary) and approved on March 26th (David’s Birthday). Families started getting travel calls last week and it’s been an exciting time in the Korean adoption world!
Currently we are waiting to hear that the Korean govm’t has allowed our agency to submit Batch #2 of the EP’s. We know that one agency was allowed to be submitted on Friday so we are hoping and praying that our agency is allowed to this coming week.

We spoke with our agency on Friday and they think it is a possibility Maddox could be in batch #2 but if not then he should be in batch #3. The ministry has stated that from here on out they will submit batches monthly and approve each batch in 4 weeks. In the past this has been somewhat sporadic so it’s nice to know that this will be consistent.

Also, our agency shared the wonderful news that families will be allowed to visit their child! Along with this they have opened up the opportunity for families to travel to Korea and take custody of their child once the child’s EP is submitted. The family will then stay in Korea with the child until he/she is given travel approval.  This is an incredible opportunity for so many families and we are thankful for this development.

Should Maddox’s EP not be submitted until Batch #3 (In May) we will be traveling to Korea at some point in May to take custody until he is allowed to travel home. If he is in batch #2 we will likely wait until he is given travel approval in May/early June to travel and bring him home….unless we just can’t wait and still jump on a plane in May! Either way we should meet him at some point in the next 9 weeks!?!

We are on the downward slope and are becoming cautiously excited!


April Care Package


I think I said this before but this is the last care package we are sending to Seoul! It was my intent to send it through a sweet friend who is going to be leaving in just a few days to bring home her daughter but I needed to ship it to Texas….. and  it kept getting bigger…and then her EP was approved and I just knew it would miss her so I sent it on to Seoul!

~ Weebles Spring basket
~ 2 little people cars
~ Several types of toddler snacks
~ a Peeps sucker!
~ a Hershey’s chocolate cross
~ snack trap
~Baby Signs book
~ translated letter to foster mom

Sweet brothers! I love these and can’t wait for Maddox and Dawson to really be playing side by side!

We are coming soon, Sweet boy!

March WBC


Someone got his March care package and likes the snacks we sent!

We also received our March WBC today! Maddox is now 25 lbs and has 15 teeth! It is noted that he “becomes active” 🙂 He can kick a ball and walk backwards but hasn’t quite tackled running yet. Take your time buddy!!

The rest of the report looked great! He had his one year follow up on his spine in late February and is scheduled back in 6 months for a follow up (let’s hope he never makes it and he is home then!)

Korea has not approved the first batch of EPs yet but is expected to do so this week. We have heard batch 2 will be submitted in April and they will continue to submits batches once a month. Great news!

Keep praying all these babies home!

Summer Bucket List



Summer is quickly approaching and I find myself trying to come up with a list of fun ideas to keep us all busy!

Last year we went on our “Tour of Parks” where each week we picked a different park around town and enjoyed playing and a picnic lunch. We did all the usually things like the splash pad, beach, swimming at Grammy’s, playdates with friends and cousins, etc and so on but we had no real plan or schedule. And while no schedule fits right in with my personality with two preschoolers (add in a toddler this summer) after 2 weeks or so they were bored and I was about to lose my mind!

THIS Summer I have big,big plans! I have decided that each day will have a loose theme…and I do mean loose.

I haven’t layed it all out yet but here are some ideas I’m tossing around:

~ A day for water fun (pool, beach, splash pad, water park, sprinklers, backyard water slide,etc)

~ A day for Books/Reading ( Books store, tent reading in the backyard, checking out the book trading store in town, the library ~ as a kid one of my favorite things about summer was the reading program through the library. I’m not even sure if they still do this but if they do I’ll sign the kids up)

~ A “Get out of Town” Day ~ Zoo, EdVenture Museum, Visit to Grammy’s (soo much to do there), aquarium, so much more I could add here

~ PJ day- Movies, popcorn, backyard picnics, painting/crafts, kitchen table tents, homemade lemonade…you get the idea!

~ All about Nature- State parks, nature trails, rail trail with our bikes, neighborhood “hike”, fishing, botanical gardens, outdoor scavenger hunts, McLeod farms (strawberry picking, peaches, hay ride, homemade ice cream!), Sunflower picking ( a favorite as a kid), so much more!


Other things:

Hapi Kids Yoga classes (local yoga studio)

Local movie theaters free/ $1 summer movies

Several camps I want to let the kids pick from (Science South, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, etc)


Pet Store

FunDayGo (Indoor inflatables)

Chuck E Cheese (dare I say it)

Italian Ice/Sonic Happy Hour/ Bruster’s baby cones/ Sweet cupcakes/CFA

Local Theater ~ In the past has had shows throughout the summer for the younger kids



Do I for one second think I will get through all of these? No! But, at least we have a starting off point to brainstorm from. I just don’t think going into summer with 3 kids and no game plan is a good idea! 🙂 Any thing I’m missing? What are your favorite things to do in Summer? Favorite places to visit? Help me add to my list!






20 Months

Today our sweet baby boy turned 20 months old. I don’t really have an update to share but I hated to let the day go by without acknowledging him here today as I have each month. He is always on my mind and in my heart!

It’s so,SO hard to think we’ve watched him grow up from 7 months to 20 months in pictures and a few short video clips. Heartbreaking can’t even encompass the feeling. But, we are getting close and he is worth every minute of this fight!

I hope to have some very happy news to post here soon!

Soccer Star

I mentioned earlier that Dawson started his first ever season of soccer this year. He is such a natural! It’s funny really because he has never really shown that much interest in soccer but David signed him up on a whim and we had all the gear just laying around from Reagan’s failed attempt.
Let me show you what I mean. My girl is talented at many things but soccer was just not “her thing”. These are a few shots from Reagan’s soccer career. It lasted all of 3 weeks. :

How's that for not listening to the coach?

Now sounds like a good time for a chat...

Drills? Nah, I'll just play with the cones...

Did you see my PINK shin guards!?!

And my very favorite the team picture~

Reagan is the 3rd person to the left... What else is there to say? Soccer..not for her.

Maybe Dawson was paying attention to what was going on?

So, I had no real expectation of how soccer would go for Dawson. But, he really blew us away! I wish you could see the look on his face when he is out there on the field! He has SO much fun!! I’ll refrain from my bragging now and show you a few of my favorite shots.



It was a CHILLY morning out on the soccer field. David looked over at me at one point and said that now that I have the minivan AND a  soccer player then he supposes that officially makes me a soccer mom. Who would have ever thought? But man, I sure do love every minute of it!

Just a little Friday cuteness……

~  1 year portrait ~

Anyone know the name for this outfit?? : )

Again at 1 year in his hanbok

Maddox at 13 months with Dibo the Dragon

15 months with his with his foster mom and brother. I so wish I could show off his foster brother’s dimples.

According to the letter we received these boys are pretty close!

The whole family taken in August of last year. Vacation possibly? Trying to figure out where these statues are located. Anyone know?

This was taken on Christmas eve 2011. He still looks so tiny.