Hope and Halloween


Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. ~ Hebrews 11:1

 Maybe not this Halloween, and maybe not this outfit but soon what we hope for will actually happen. Until then we hold firmly to our Faith. In these tough days we cling to His promises like we never have before and on the other side of this hope we will be stronger.


Gom Se Mari / 3 Bears

I’ve been wanting to learn this song and record it for Maddox for months and we are finally making some progress. Reagan is by far the best at it. I’m trying to convince David to actually act it out with me…if we do it’s doubtful it will make an appearance here but don’t you think a 15 month old would think it was fun!? : )

English Translation: (or one of them…it may not be exactly right. I have seen several similiar variations ~ think itsy bitsy spider vs incy wincy spider)

There are three bears in a house,
Father bear, Mommy bear, baby bear!
Daddy bear is fatty,
Mommy bear is slim,
Baby bear is too cute!
Shrug! Shrug!* You are doing well!

Romanized version:

kom sema-ri-ga
han chi-be-yi-so
appa gom
omma gom
ae-gi gom
appa gommun tung-tung-hae
omma gommun nal-shin-hae
ae-gi gommun na bul-gwi-yo-wo
hishuk hishuk cha-rhan-da

Hangul Version:

곰 세 마리

곰세마리가 한집에있어
아빠곰 엄마곰 애기곰
아빠곰은 뚱뚱해
엄마곰은 날씬해
애기곰은 너무귀여워
히쭉히쭉 잘한다

곰세마리가 한집에있어
아빠곰 엄마곰 애기곰
아빠곰은 뚱뚱해
엄마곰은 날씬해
애기곰은 너무귀여워
히쭉히쭉 잘한다

And here is a really cute clip from the K-drama “Full House”


Fall Y’all

 Ok, it’s been Fall for a little bit but I’ve got a few pictures I wanted to catch up on from this week. I am so proud of myself for actually taking my camera with me lately.

Here is a little bit about what’s been going on with us:

Tuesday was my birthday and we had a fun family day. David took the day off and the kids took out to lunch at Ol*ve Garden. David asked Reagan where she thought I’d like to go and she said she just knew I’d pick OG…and I did!

And it just so happens OG is HER favorite too..so it worked out in her favor.

 This is how she eats her bread sticks. She bites off the part with the salt…

 Hmm..Is he working or playing Angry Birds? That is the question….


                                        I think the Tiramisu was for me but I only got one bite….

After lunch we came home and took a fabulous nap then headed out for ice cream and to the movie store. We rented E.T. and stopped for snacks then we all came home and put on our PJ’s. The rest of the evening was spent curled on the couch watching movies. I seriously could not have planned a better way to spend my birthday. Relaxing and fun!

 Last night was the annual Fall Festival at our church. The kids look forward to this every year. I had a family theme for our costumes this year (Goldilocks and the 3 bears) but my kids actually had an opinion this year (so not fair).  Reagan picked Ariel and Dawson wanted to be Buzz Lightyear again. He tried to change his mind at the last minute and be Optimus Prime but I was not about to purchase a costume when Buzz was super cute and recycled from last year.

     He was so proud to show everyone that his wings would light up and ran around with his arms in the air shouting, “To the rescue!”

 Prettiest little mermaid I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping someone introduces a Chi’ to her one day soon though.

                                                       Aunt Jenny joined us at the Fall Festival too!

                                                                              My sweet Ariel




 We had a blast. Ate too much junk. Caught up with friends. Went on a hay ride. Played carnival games.Jumped on bouncy houses. Trunk or Treated. Slept well!

 Yay. I’m all caught up. Now to get some laundry done.

Fall Care Package

These Large priority boxes seem to keep getting smaller and smaller! We finally finished up a new care package for the little guy. This time we included:

~ Aveeno body wash and baby lotion (I used this on all my babies and it’s very expensive in Korea (if you are able to even find it)

~A tooth brush and tooth paste

~Goldfish and Gerber yogurt puffs

~4 pack of onesies

~Toys – toy piano, and Alex newspaper that crackles (there was a spot to insert a photo so we filled it with a cute on of him), and a travel See ‘n Say.

~ A yummy smelling candle and some cute stationary for the foster family

~ Two very cute hats. The puppy hat is from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bryant and the monkey hat comes with some warm mittens.

~ 3 fall outfits, two fleece pullovers, and a pair of footed PJ’s.

As usual I took all the items and smushed them into gallon size bags, labeled them, and played “Tetris” to get all the pieces to fit in this tiny box in just the right way so it would actually shut! After a few tries I managed to squeeze everything in….David had to help me tape it shut.

`And just for some perspective on a “LARGE” flat rate box. Comical.

I’m headed out the door to send the package on its way. Can’t wait to get some new photos with our little guy and all his new things!

Well Baby Check ~ 15 months



 On Tuesday, which was actually my birthday, we finally got Maddox’s 15 month checkup. He has learned lots of new things like throwing a ball, waving bye bye, and is now saying 3 words. Praise the Lord! I was beginning to get worried.  He is saying Umma (Mama ~ referring to his foster mom), Abba ( daddy ~ referring to his foster dad) and Mama (which is the Korean word for eat. He’ll fit right in with our family!)

He is weighing in at 23 pounds. Still has 7 teeth (4 on top and 3 on bottom). He also received the 2nd dose of his flu shot.

Also noted on his report were several concerning things. He will be starting Physical Therapy. We are assuming because he is not yet walking independently.

Along with his physical therapy he will also have a Rehabilitation consult. We have (as we always do) sent his medical report (and the video we received) to our pediatrician to review. He usually gets back to us with in a few days.  Korea is very conservative with medical care and this is likely just a precaution due to his developmental delays.
 We of course, would prefer him not to need any of these services and to be developing  as a typical toddler but are very thankful that Korea is prepared to act when they see he may need some extra help to get back on track developmentally.  Well, really we’d prefer that he was home and we could be working to set him up with these services ourselves but of course that is not possible. Please pray that once the physical therapy starts he will quickly catch up and no other concerns will arise.



65 days ~ Collecting Donations for the babies in care!

As of today there are 65 days until the New Year. Hasn’t October flown by? We are loving all the fun that comes with fall but man time is flying!!

I suppose it’s time we start kicking our preparations for travel into high gear so the list making has begun. I’m definitely NOT type A  but something about a major event pulls this out in me. And just so you know I don’t think type A is a bad thing sometimes I wish I was more that way but I’m just not. : ) I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to prepare and since this isn’t a natural tendency for me it makes it that much harder so I better start now!

 When we travel we are planning to take over some donations for the children that are currently in care with our agency. In Korea many things have to be imported and therefore are either available at a much higher cost  than here in the US or are just not available at all. Many times families who are traveling will bring over donations for the babies when they travel of these items. At this time our agency is reporting these  items  are of highest priority :

 ~ Aveeno Baby lotion (the target equivalent will be fine)


~ Gerber Puffs (generic versions are perfect as well ~ any flavor. Please purchase keeping the expiration date in mind. The further away the better.)

 We will be collecting these items (grabbing a few every time we are out grocery shopping) and taking them with us when we travel (Hopefully in the first few months of 2012). If you would like to contribute to our donations feel free to get them to me at any time between now and then. If you are not local email me (tdaniel76@yahoo.com) and I’ll give you information to either send them to me or send them directly to our agency in Korea. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to fill several totes FULL of these items!

 There are 100’s of babies with our agency alone waiting either to be matched with a family, or waiting to come home and every little contribution helps. Would you pray about contributing one of these items? I promise it will be very appreciated by the little ones.

A Field Trip First

    Yesterday,  I got to attend Dawson’s 1st ever field trip. To say that he was excited is an understatement. He was THRILLED..and on top of that he asked at least 10x if Rea Rea (his nickname for Reagan) was going and jumped up and down when I said it was just the two of us. He loves some one on one time with his mama and I’m loving that he loves it! : )

 So, the field trip was to a corn maze on a local farm. They really had a great set up and the weather was amazing. We had a lot of fun!

                                                                           Just a little excited!

                        Even though I look at their sweet faces everyday sometimes it surprises me at how much they look alike. And don’t they look very grown up in this picture??

    Just hanging out on the farm!

Dawson and his buddy (neighbor, car pool friend, partner in crime) Cole

We went on a fun hay ride around the farm and afterwards headed over to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin!

After quite some searching Dawson settled on this orange and green spotted one.

                                                                                    Sweet Victory!

   We ventured through a mini corn maze..and a bigger one too with his whole class but I didn’t get any pictures of that.  In the BIG corn maze we followed clues to find our way out. The kids had fun. I asked Dawson what he thought we would find in the maze? Lions? Tigers? Bears? His reply, “No, just corn!”


                          Removing all the kernels of corn from the cob. What big muscles he has!!

Very cool sand box FILLED with corn kernels and lots of buckets, scoopers, and of course farm equipment toys. This was one of Dawson’s very favorite parts!

                                          Pausing just  long enough for me to snap a picture.

                      Dawson and I stopped for a quick picture in front of this super cool hay bale spider before we left. The sun was bright and in his face..and he was “sweaty and tursty” so this was the best we could do! This spider reminds me that I almost died this morning when I spotted a very large 8 legged creature in my kitchen. I feel certain it looked something like this:

 Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but did I mention I don’t do spiders? And of COURSE I was going to be brave and flip-flop squish the terrifying creature but as I returned to the room with said flip flop…IT WAS GONE!  I feel a little jittery…

Class Pets!

 So, I do have other children. They’ve been sorely neglected on here lately. I cannot tell you the last time I have picked up my camera. I’ve really got to get better. The last two weekends we’ve hosted class pets in our home so in order to document their adventures for the class scrapbook I had to take a few pictures.  I thought I’d share a few since they are the only ones I’ve taken lately. Must.get.better!

Two weekends ago Dawson got to bring home “Jack” the class bear.

                                  This is Dawson and Jack at bedtime. Dawson insisted he wear PJ’s..of course!

 Jack kept getting into quite his fair share of mischief.  This is where we found him before church on Sunday..

         Reagan and her class pet “Caramel” before heading out for a spin around the neighborhood. It was quite an adventure!

We camped out in the backyard last weekend while Caramel was visiting.  The kids had a blast roasting hot dogs and making s’mores on our little fire pit. I think the highlight for them was experimenting with what things looked like when they melted. They tried paper, leaves, juice boxes, graham crackers…good fun. And then, we ALL squeezed in a tent. Normally I tuck everyone in and sneak inside to my nice cozy bed. But, I took one for the team and joined them. I’m SO not a camper.

  Reagan insisted we make “Caramel” some caramel milk. Yes, that would be milk mixed with Caramel ice cream topping. Reagan pleaded that is was just the same as using chocolate syrup. Hmm.. I think she might be a lawyer when she grows up.


Waiting on our winks!

 First of all, I just want to say thank you to all  of you who have reached out to me over the last week. Yes, I deleted my Facebook.  I just needed a little break from there for a while and actually I’m really enjoying my break  from it so much I may not be back..or I may be. I’m not sure yet… Anyway, I’m in a MUCH better place now than I was last week and I even got dressed today! ; )  The Lord has just been revealing things to me left and right and I am honestly at peace with where we are. I’m not happy about it but I’m at peace!

 Yesterday, our Maddox turned 15 months old. On the 21st we will have known he was ours for 8 whole months. That time has flown by and with the holidays the next 3 months will also fly by, as they typically do. We received a “Child Report 2”  for him yesterday. We’ve gotten one of these before but it’s basically a written report of a social worker visit. These are typically more detailed than the “Well Baby Checks” and give you a little more insight into his personality. A few of the highlights were:

 ~ likes to play “grab it” and “Finger palm” games (I have no clue but that sounds cute)

~ Enjoys seaweed and bean paste soup. This just cracks me up. I’ll be glad to prepare this for my man but it does not sound appealing. Don’t worry bud we will introduce you to Panera soon!

~When he feels good he WINKS and caresses the face of his foster mother with lovely and cute smiles. : )

~ He rushes to the porch upon hearing the door open to greet members of the foster family and welcomes them with bright smiles making them feel so happy.

~ sleeps from 10pm – 7 am

~ These days he keeps moving around every corner and needs to be attended at every moment.

Sounds perfect to me. I can’t wait to be on the receiving end of those bright smiles, face caresses and winks…and I won’t complain a bit about the being attended at every moment.

I have lots more to say and a blog is in the works (in my mind at least) but I haven’t yet grasped how to put my thoughts into words yet. The main thing I want expressed here now  is that God will be glorified through this. It has been His plan from the beginning, He knew Maddox was my son the day he was born, He knew every ounce of struggle we would face bringing him home, He knows how much I love him and yet He loves him even more than that, and He has a plan here.  I refuse to wallow and weep for 3 months. I choose to PRAISE God through this.

T-Shirts have arrived!


Yippee! The shirts are here and upon initial inspection they look great! Now, the hard part of dividing up and conquering everyone’s order!! Bear with me ~ my better half is out of town on a business trip this week but my goal is to have them shipped out no later than Saturday! 🙂

Local friends I’ll be making deliveries this week!

If anybody wants to help me sort give me a call, text, whatever! I’d love the help and it will be fun! 🙂

Thanks for all the support!

<3, Tracey