Leap Day Luck

Even more good news.. I’m sure those who have followed us along this year didn’t even think I could be this cheery. : D

Our agency has sent out a new update this morning that says the Korean ministry (MOHW) has agreed to accept and EP submission in early March (two other agencies confirmed it would be on March 5 ~ my anniversary YAY). They also agreed to expedite at least the first batch and likely the first few batches…meaning they will accept and process them over the course of two weeks when normally it takes 4-6 weeks. This means that families in the first batch could be traveling to bring their child home by the end of March! HOW EXCITING!!!!

It actually seems real now….it’s really happening and I’ve waited so long to have this great news to share here. I could go ahead and speculate when I think we will travel (and believe me I have run a few numbers this morning, and checked a few flight prices…) but I’m not going to. I’m going to just let it play out the way God has it planned. I do think Maddox will be home by his birthday, on July 12th and I still pray that a miracle sees him here by mother’s day but we will see!

We are currently waiting to hear that he has his Visa Physical scheduled. There will not be any done this week because the day they do them this week (1st and 3rd Thursday) is a Korean holiday. The next ones will be scheduled for March 15th. We hope he is scheduled in that group of the following (April 5) so we can have that marked off the list before his EP is submitted.


Today David and I picked up the kids from school a few minutes early and went to Chinese (their pick) to celebrate and I received a fun “fortune” that read, “You desire to discover new frontiers. It’s time to travel.”  I don’t take much stock in fortune cookies but it sure was ironic. : )



Shut the Front Door!

I think it might actually happen.

Steve Morrison with MPAK posted this early this morning:


Now, typically I’ve been cautiously less-than-optimistic. Yesterday we received a mid-month update from our agency saying two more weeks. Understandably so there were a lot of upset people! I can totally relate because I’m normally one of those. But, for some reason Yesterday I just felt peace about the situation and it didn’t really affect me at all. This news this morning however has me very excited…like before I had a cup of coffee excited. People, that is serious!


Since we found out that the EP’s wouldn’t start right away in January and then subsequently that we were not in the 1st batch I’ve prayed that God would just allow Maddoxto be home by Mother’s Day. That’s all I want. This year Mother’s Day is on May 13th. Will you pray it with me? It’s a REALLY BIG LONG SHOT~ but hey we know God is bigger! My 2nd goal is his birthday on July 12th. OHHH, I just want to hold him. : )

Some days I feel like this isn’t even really happening and then a little glimmer of hope shows up and it all becomes so real. Praise God for encouraging news today. I hope this comes to fruition next week!

~ We are F-A-M-I-L-Y ~

I really don’t do a great job of updating anything but adoption related stuff. We do have other things going on outside of that and I’m failing miserably at documenting our life as a whole. So, I’ve made a commitment to myself to try to at least blog once a week on our family life and my goal is to have those posts up on Mondays. I’m going to call it…well I don’t know yet but I’m sure when I do come up with a name it will be really clever! Any ideas? Help me come up with something fun!

So here is a little of what we have been up to. The next posts will be more picture filled as I really try to do better at taking them!!


Oh my, where to start? Dawson has become our “class clown”! He is so much like his daddy with the witty jokes and silliness. In the past year his personality has exploded and I’m loving every minute of it!
At the beginning of the school year he was having some trouble getting into a routine and learning how to play well with his friends but from all recent reports he is doing GREAT! On Friday progress reports came home and I was so impressed with how much he has learned since the last report. He is crazy, smitten with his teacher and talks about her ALL the time.
     He is all about order. Things must go in their rightful place and his room has to be picked up before nap and bedtime. If one of us puts something in the wrong place he quickly corrects us (and has been known to push Reagan out-of-the-way and tell her she’s not doing it right!)
On Saturday, he started soccer at the Y. This is the first time we’ve signed him up for anything organized (if you can call 3 year old soccer that). I’m glad we waited because he is ALL about it. I was amazed at how well he handled the ball. He could kick it across the field, steal it away from his “opponent”, and he even scored a goal. And quite frankly, I have no idea how even knew what to do because neither David or myself know a THING about soccer! Raw talent! ; ) Hey, it’s my blog I get to brag all I want, right?


I can’t believe how much Reagan has grown up this year! I’m so proud of who she is becoming. Right now, she is all about arts and crafts. Her favorite thing to do is paint and she could spend hours doing it.

At school she is reading and recently really just had that clicking moment when she knew she was getting the skill and is just taking off. I hope she loves to read. It’s one of my favorite past times and I want both of my children to have that outlet. We were really proud of her progress report as well! Her kindergarten year has just been a huge learning year for her and we are proud of all her hard work.
She took a gymnastics class recently and although she loves gymnastics I think she had learned most of those skills when she took a few years back. This was a beginner class at a different gym and I think she was bored by it. She really wants to go back to her old gym so that’s the plan for summer camp as of now.
Reagan had her first away sleepover and I survived. : ) She was literally across the street so it wasn’t so bad. : ) She of course had a blast!

It is really hard to believe she will be 7 this year. Where oh where did the time go? Just yesterday she was toddling around and now she is losing teeth and reading!

The Grownups:

After really having a tough few months of struggling with the adoption wait I’ve recently just had a big burst of energy and have plunged into doing a LOT of cooking. Pinterest just makes you feel all kind of domesticated. That has been really therapeutic for me. I’m also in the beginning stages of a little ministry idea. I’m REALLY excited about it and can’t wait to pull it all together and share more. It’s nothing big but I think I’m really going to enjoy it.

David has been crazy busy with work. This is the job he’s worked since we’ve met so it’s all I know. : ) I wish he didn’t have to travel so much but I’m just thankful he has a job that he loves and excels at. We are super lucky that when he’s home he is 100% here.  I honestly could not do life without him by my side! 

 He recently ran his first few races and rocked them. I’m super proud of his dedication to running! Now if I could only get my behind out there! ; )

And as always we are anxiously anticipating the news of our newest arrival. We have good and bad days but lately more good ones. Today we heard that the ministry has stated that it will be at least two more weeks before they accept any submissions. It looks like we have a while more to wait. : )

The Good, the Bad, and the Very Cute!

Several things I wanted to update on. Do you want good or bad first?

Ok, let’s go with good:

Maddox’s February well baby check has him weighing 24 lbs.  8 teeth on top and 7 on the bottom. His gross motor skills are looking great no doubt thanks to his physical therapy. Nothing new in the language department.

We received the report from his ophthalmologist consult and they saw no problems to be concerned with. It was noted that he would have a recheck in 5 months. Let’s hope he’s home by then!

We also got a few new pictures:

One with his latest care package

And a few that I’m pretty sure were meant to cushion the bad news:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bless his heart. Doesn’t he look miserable? I imagine that he fell asleep on the ride over to the agency and was none to happy to have a camera in his face when he woke up. I love that he has on a shirt we sent over. It’s a 12-18 month shirt and the sleeves are cuffed (and he is layered) so he is such a tiny little guy! I thought that shirt might be too small! You can also see the hat and jacket we sent over in the background of one of the shots. And he has a little juice cup with a straw. So sweet. I wish you could see his foster mom’s face. You can tell she is like, “Please act right and smile for you mama” but with a big smile on her face at the same time. I’m so thankful for this woman! I can’t wait to give her a big hug!

The Bad News:
We found out that Maddox will not be in the first “few” batches. The agency in Korea has decided to expedite certain families due to a variety of reasons and they will process their paperwork first and then go back to the order the paperwork was filed. This should happen quickly and then it will be our turn.
The second half of the bad news is that the Korean gov’mt has yet to process ANY of these families and we are in exactly the same place we were at the start of the year. We are still hopeful the ministry will allow submissions this month as they have stated they would but as of now it has not happened.

Keep praying!

A Year into the Journey

Today marks 1 year in our journey to Maddox.

On February 21st,2011 at 1:01 in the afternoon I received an email that changed our family forever.

Within minutes I was forwarding the email on to my husband asking if we could request his file.

And as the story goes we fell in love with this little boy and a month later after a thick stack of essays, phone interviews, and consults with 3 different doctors he became our son.

Here is a post I wrote before we were presented to the committee on March 17th last year (but did not publish until after we were officially matched).


It’s been a wild ride to say the least. In order to remember our side of the story I created a little slideshow of our journey to this point. I had hope to have it all polished and perfect before today but that didn’t quite happen. (So, the wording goes a little fast and the font at times is too light…and it actually says we 1st saw his face on January 21st but you get the idea).

With all that said here is our journey so far:

Care Package #5,458


Just a small one for March. Lots of green for St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s day is also the day we were officially matched with Maddox last year!

Hopefully this March will be equally as lucky!

~ pair of PJ’s
~ Outfit
~ wind up frog bath toy
~ take n toss fork and spoon set (his last well baby check noted he was learning to use a fork and spoon)
~ Gerber snacks
~ Burt’s Bees hand creme for his foster mom
~ photo album of pictures

Cold Water

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”~ Proverbs 25:25

Oh, how parched and weary my soul has been. Praying for any bit of good news from a distant land in our long walk in the desert. Wandering and waiting and sometimes feeling like we have stumbled off the path  yet continually reminding ourselves to keep our eyes up…up towards Him.

Yesterday, a bit of cold water arrived. It fell from heaven just like the manna. Oh sweet refreshment. The only way to compare it would be like a big glass of water after a long run… you lean your head back and just swallow. You can feel the water run cold down your throat and reach your stomach and although you are still tired and weary you immediately feel better…like you will survive.

 Here was my cold water: 

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

We are clinging to Romans 12:12 and hoping next week we begin our walk out of the “waiting” desert. He is teaching us so much about who He is through this journey and we praise Him for it all!

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.” Exodus 14:14

Thank you to all of you who are praying us through this. We know He is fighting for us and has a great big plan even when we can’t see how waiting one minute longer is for our good we trust His word and know it’s true…and we are trying very hard to be still.

We have been told next week is the week that the emigration permit submissions should begin. We don’t know that it will be OUR week but we know that any movement is good and we will rejoice in it. There are hundreds of babies waiting to come home to their forever families and any one of them being allowed to make their journey home is worth celebrating. I hope you will join our family in prayer specifically for the Korean government, the adoption agencies, the foster families, the waiting families, and most importantly the sweet children that will soon lose everything they’ve ever known to gain the love of a family forever. Pray the Lord prepares their hearts!! We thank you!

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

A few weeks ago we experienced a family first! Reagan lost a tooth. It had become quite wiggly and after 15 minutes of convincing to let me give it one little tug she complied. I put a finger on each side and was about to try when she jerked her chin down to get away from my grip and said she just couldn’t let me do it. Little did she know that little jerk was enough to free her tooth. 🙂

She was beside herself with excitement and to be honest I was pretty excited too! Here are a few shots of her new smile!

`New smile and a new ‘do thanks to pinterest.

`Pure Joy!

“Ok, Mom! Really…that’s enough!”

I found the cutest little tooth fairy box and book set YEARS ago and had it tucked away in the closet to gift her open her first lost tooth. So, I pulled it  out and we read the story and tucked her tooth inside the plush box. That night when I went to do my late night tuck in I found this:

At 2am she appeared in the doorway with her dollar bill tied with a pink ribbon. The tooth fairy must know her well. I think she was more excited about the ribbon than the dollar. : )

Oh, the joys of parenting.