Summer Bucket List



Summer is quickly approaching and I find myself trying to come up with a list of fun ideas to keep us all busy!

Last year we went on our “Tour of Parks” where each week we picked a different park around town and enjoyed playing and a picnic lunch. We did all the usually things like the splash pad, beach, swimming at Grammy’s, playdates with friends and cousins, etc and so on but we had no real plan or schedule. And while no schedule fits right in with my personality with two preschoolers (add in a toddler this summer) after 2 weeks or so they were bored and I was about to lose my mind!

THIS Summer I have big,big plans! I have decided that each day will have a loose theme…and I do mean loose.

I haven’t layed it all out yet but here are some ideas I’m tossing around:

~ A day for water fun (pool, beach, splash pad, water park, sprinklers, backyard water slide,etc)

~ A day for Books/Reading ( Books store, tent reading in the backyard, checking out the book trading store in town, the library ~ as a kid one of my favorite things about summer was the reading program through the library. I’m not even sure if they still do this but if they do I’ll sign the kids up)

~ A “Get out of Town” Day ~ Zoo, EdVenture Museum, Visit to Grammy’s (soo much to do there), aquarium, so much more I could add here

~ PJ day- Movies, popcorn, backyard picnics, painting/crafts, kitchen table tents, homemade lemonade…you get the idea!

~ All about Nature- State parks, nature trails, rail trail with our bikes, neighborhood “hike”, fishing, botanical gardens, outdoor scavenger hunts, McLeod farms (strawberry picking, peaches, hay ride, homemade ice cream!), Sunflower picking ( a favorite as a kid), so much more!


Other things:

Hapi Kids Yoga classes (local yoga studio)

Local movie theaters free/ $1 summer movies

Several camps I want to let the kids pick from (Science South, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, etc)


Pet Store

FunDayGo (Indoor inflatables)

Chuck E Cheese (dare I say it)

Italian Ice/Sonic Happy Hour/ Bruster’s baby cones/ Sweet cupcakes/CFA

Local Theater ~ In the past has had shows throughout the summer for the younger kids



Do I for one second think I will get through all of these? No! But, at least we have a starting off point to brainstorm from. I just don’t think going into summer with 3 kids and no game plan is a good idea! ūüôā Any thing I’m missing? What are your favorite things to do in Summer? Favorite places to visit? Help me add to my list!







Tell Me About Yourself ~ Blog award

So, it seems as though I have been bestowed a blog award. Well how about that. Ha! IT sounds like fun so here it goes.

The rules:
1. Thank the person(s) who gave this award to you.
2. List 7 things that people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers (I did 10)
1.¬† I’d like to thank, Jaclyn (who blogs here). Jaclyn and I “met” right after we were both matched with our sweet Korean cuties! Bonus is that she lives in the same state as I do and I look forward to many, many playdates with our two boys! When Jaclyn traveled to bring¬†her son, Mason¬†home she was SO gracious and took over a care package to Maddox. : ) Jaclyn, thanks for always being a great encourager and cheerleader through our adoption process! I love your blog and hearing about all things Mason! He is such a doll!

I also need to thank my  friend, April. Love this girl! We bonded over chewy spree and it was no turning back from there. I have no doubt if we lived closer to one another we would be great friends! How about that vacation to the beach, April?? This summer would be a great time for a visit. : ) Griffin, Kinley, Reagan, Dawson AND Maddox..whew, now that would be fun!


 Ok, so 7 things people may not know about me:

¬†1. I have a fear of elevators. Not a little, take a deep breath, suck it up and get on and ride type fear either… I do not get on elevators. IF I do I will have a panic attack and it’s possible I could die. ; ) I have walked up 25+ stories to avoid an elevator…it’s serious.

2. I’m a wanna be organizer. In my mind I have grand plans for a home that is organized from top to bottom. Everything has a place. Everything is labeled.¬†I’m actually pretty decent at keeping things organized it’s the little people who live in my home that keep me from staying on top of these things…. that is my story and I’m sticking to it.

3. I do not eat Ketchup, marinara sauce, or mayonnaise. They are all super gross..ick. I love mustard though and would put it on about anything. I eat my fries plain. Why mess with perfection?

4. I’m seriously going to regret typing this but in high school I was a cheerleader…and I had my tongue pierced. (shaking my head…and hoping my children never read this). I was a terrible cheerleader by the way. Ha! Moving on..

5. If you would have¬†told me 10 years ago¬†that I would be married with 3¬†children I would have laughed in your face. And on top of that never in my life did I imagine that I would be a stay at home mom, adopt, drive a minivan!?!? Shut your mouth..¬†and I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.

6. I don’t like the beach. Gasp. I mean I like the idea of the beach. Surf, sand, and sun but the reality is sticky, sandy, and hot. I go…because my husband and kids love it but I’m not a beach lover. I don’t even really like to “sun bathe” . What? It’s hot and bright…and you get all gross. Sorry, just not a fan.

7. I’ve always wanted to play soccer which is hilarious because I lack basic coordination. Neither High school that I went to had a soccer team and I grew up in the country (like down a long dirt road, surrounded by acres of land, and 15 minutes to the closest town which only had a caution light type of country) so my soccer options were limited. I REALLY hope one of my kids like to play soccer. I’ve given up hope for the oldest. Here is why: She is the 3rd to the left…please notice the pose.


Ok, so passing I’m passing on this award to:

1) Jessica





6) Christie


8) K-leigh

9) Kelly

10) Jen