~ A Month in our Arms ~

On Friday we reached a really fun milestone. It was one month ago that our sweet Maddox was 1st placed in our arms. Is that even possible? It’s true. And as of Saturday we have been home (and a family of 5) for 3 whole weeks.

Last night we were headed home from a family dinner and Dawson said, “Mama, when is Maddox going back to Korea?” I flipped my rear view mirror down so I could look him in the eyes and I said, “Bud, Maddox isn’t going back to Korea…unless it’s for a vacation. He is in our family now. A part of our team.” I wasn’t really sure what his response would be but his face lit up and he let out a huge sigh and said, “Oh good! I’m so glad he is my brother now and I don’t ever want him to not be here with us!”  {Insert heart melting}

The relationship I prayed that these two brothers would have doesn’t hold a candle to the bonds they are forming right before me. Anything Dawson does Maddox tries to mimic. Dawson jumps on the couch. Maddox jumps on the couch. Dawson plays cars in his room. Maddox plays cars with Dawson in his room. I will be honest and say that I thought that Dawson would have a hard time not being the “baby” anymore but boy was I wrong! He loves his little brother and Maddox thinks that he has hung the moon. It’s pretty awesome!

We get asked a lot if Maddox is speaking English. He is not…yet. But his receptive speech is incredible. He now knows to head to the bathroom when we say it’s bath time, he goes to his highchair when we say it’s time to eat, his changing table when I say he needs a diaper change. He waves when someone says “Bye Bye”. He is responding to Maddox now (although we still call him Jeong Hwan a lot), He can point to his nose when we ask, and he closes his eyes when I ask where his eyes are. But my favorite one of all is if we say “kiss” he leans over and puckers up. I may die from the cuteness of this very thing one day. It seems like everyday he is understanding us more. He’s such a smart little guy!

On top of all of that we have been working on a few signs to help cut down on some of the frustration he is having trying to communicate with us. He can now sign “more” when he wants more to eat. It’s not the exact sign but he knows what it means and we respond when he does it and that’s all that matters at this point. We will slowly introduce new signs as he learns each one. And by far the biggest help to our communication is he will now point. I’m pretty sure he was pointing for his needs in Korea but for some reason he would not do this with us. It has taken lots of hard work but our boy can now point!

The best thing of all is when Maddox learns something new that we’ve been working on and the whole family erupts in cheers. He has got some serious support from his siblings! They want him to succeed and that makes me so happy! I always tell the kids that our family is a team and that we support and encourage one another no matter what. It feels good to see them live this out!

We had a lot of first this past week.  Maddox got to experiance Chuck E. Cheese for the first time and I think you can tell from the picture at the top what he thought of it! I will say that as much as he liked to sit on the rides he did NOT want them to move! We had our very 1st Sonic Happy Hour trip for 1/2 price slushes.  Maddox is a fan of the strawberry one…just like his big brother. We went out to the library. His favorite part was the water fountain.  But, by far my favorite first of the week was our first time at church as a family of 5! I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t VERY nervous but Maddox was a rock star! He played with his new little toddler buddies in the nursery and even did a little craft.

We are so in love with this kid and how he just fits right in with our crazy crew. I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with some pictures from the week.

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